Making Things Stick

December 7, 2019

BY Judy Tasch

The key to any needleminder doing an effective job lies with the magnets.  Take a good look at the magnets provided, or if ordering online, ask about them. If the magnet is black or dark gray it is likely to be a craft store magnet that will not hold your needle.

The most reliable are neodymium, also referred to as rare earth magnets. With a smooth finish that will not harm your project, these are the strongest magnets available. That being said, if the magnet is not as large as possible to match the decorative portion of your minder, then your needle may just dangle, or only grab on to one tiny spot.  That doesn't make for a reliable minder and secure hold of your needles. 

The photo at the left shows the magnets used with our poker chip needleminder. Of course, the larger the magnet, the greater the cost of materials. In making these poker chips come to life as needleminders, we discovered that although the chip was thin, it was a ceramic material that required the big bad boy of magnets, not only as the primary magnet, but also as the secondary magnet that is underneath your canvas or fabric.  

While very strong, neodymium magnets can crack by the sheer force of being pulled toward each other, so it is important to handle them carefully.  It is also of the utmost importance to keep these away from children and pets as they may be a choking hazard. Needleminders should never be used near anyone with a pacemaker, and caution should be used near any medical devices.

At NeedlemindersUS, we want you to be delighted with the needleminders you purchase from us, but we want you to use them safely.  You may contact us with any questions by sending an email to