Drawing Lines

January 3, 2020

By Judy Tasch

When this little business began, a great deal of thought went into what do I want this to be, and even more so, what do I NOT want this to be.  As a marketing professional I did my research and the discoveries were quite interesting. First I must say my primary motivation was to offer MORE choices of needleminders than my local needlepoint shop, and at very reasonable pricing. 

A needlepointer for most of my life, I could never do cross stitch, but hats off to these stitching warriors who also rely on needleminders! Sewing, embroidery, quilting? NO ONE wants a lost needle.

I quickly learned that stitchers of all walks of life all want something different in a needleminder. My suggestions are to match your canvas, the season or holiday, your pet, your mood or anything you want. What I wasn't prepared for were, shall I say "obnoxious" needleminders?!  Trust me, I have a healthy sense of humor and can curse with the best of them, but I could not see a place for this in my stitching world. I wanted to offer pretty things, fun things, color, dogs, a little bling... I was not willing to step outside the lines of good taste and common decency. NO blood, gore, goth, stabbing, middle fingers, cursing, did I say stabbing? I live in a glorious, colorful needlework cloud where we select suitable and practical accessories, items to enhance the stitching experience, and above all else make us smile. With the average project running in the hundreds of dollars before finishing, only cute and classy fit my criteria.

There is a reason for every choice, for every decision as was documented in a previous blog post about magnets.  Only the RIGHT materials will do. This often means spending more on pins, brooches, pendants, findings and other materials if we have a vision for a needleminder that will wow.  Nearly all of our pieces start off as something else, requiring hours of hand labor to repurpose and reconfigure so they can become premium needleminders. Drilling, sanding, buffing, cleaning - making sure the pieces meet our standards of quality before that super strong magnet is adhered.

The title of this post is Drawing Lines. I've established where I draw lines with regard to taste, language and manners. I draw even bolder lines when It comes to intellectual property. I pay for the right to use specific artwork in my glass cabochons. I will never grab an image off the Internet and attempt to profit from it. Think about what you buy before you buy it. Nearly all of the time, some little online shop on Etsy does not have permission from Disney, Hallmark, sports leagues and more to sell things reproducing their iconic characters and trademarked logos.  My philosophy is either get permission (license) or have an original idea. 

I will close this dissertation wishing you all a happy and productive 2020! Please feel free to email your comments to - would love to hear from you.